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7.0 Lb. Traffic Cone Weights

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These 7.0 lbs Cone Weights add major ballast to our 28" and 36" wide-body (standard) traffic cones -- helps stabilize cones against tailwinds and bad weather. Made from 100% recycled tire rubber.

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Customer Reviews (6)

  • 10/6/2022

    I bought light-weight collapsible traffic cones and realized that a small wind could blow them over. So I then purchased 7.0 Lb. Traffic Cone Weights from the Traffic Safety Store, and they do the job of keeping the cones from blowing away. The purchase was quick and easy, I can recommend this company.

  • 5/26/2022

    The weights fit nicely over the cones. It made my purchase of lightweight cones meet my needs amsince they won’t blow away,

  • 1/19/2022

    Purchased this weight for the traffic cone from I recently purchased from Home Depot (18 in. height, 8.5 in. diameter). I primarily use it for my reserved parking space on days when the forecast calls for inclement weather or strong winds. It's stows away nicely in my trunk and isn't too heavy to carry. Would definitely recommended.

  • 9/9/2020

    Product is exactly as described on the site.

  • 5/6/2020

    Always easy doing business

  • 3/26/2019

    Just enough extra weight to keep the cones from blowing over with the Cone Boss signs on them.

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